Sponsorship Options

Local businesses and organizations demonstrate their support for The Playhouse Movie Theatre
by becoming sponsors of the theater. The Playhouse is a gathering place for community
members, and your sponsorship lets our patrons know that you are helping to keep the film-
going experience accessible and vibrant in our local community.

Sponsors are recognized during our Sponsor Roll Call on the big screen in advance of every
movie showing. Your logo or an alternate image describing your services will be projected onto
the screen for 20 seconds at a time, up to 8 times before each show.

Please consider becoming a sponsor of The Playhouse Movie Theatre by submitting a payment
according to the following schedule. New sponsorships will begin on the first day of the
following month:

1 Month$100
3 Months$250
6 Months$400
12 Months$750

Please also send your logo or alternate image in .jpeg or .png format to us at
playhouseflicks@gmail.com for inclusion in our Sponsor Roll Call. If you have questions about
formatting options, please contact us at web.playhouseflicks@gmail.com.

Please submit your payment to:

Friends of the Historic Playhouse Theatre

P.O. Box 133
Randolph, Vermont 05060

Thank you for supporting The Playhouse Movie Theatre. “See You at the Movies!”

The Friends of the Historic Playhouse Theatre is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, making your sponsorship fully tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.

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