Tar Creek *Special Presentation*

Ticket Prices

Adult $10.00
Children (12 and under) $7.00
Seniors (65 and over) $8.00
Same prices for 3D showing

Date/Time ()
Mon - 07/25/2022 at 7:30 pm

Playhouse Movie Theatre


In collaboration with the Chandler Center for the Arts in their inaugural Vermont Social Justice Festival, we present the final of three films.

Some environmental disasters get attention. Others get fixed. This is America’s oldest and worst Superfund site located in Oklahoma. And it looks like a third-world country. “Roughly 75 percent of the American bullets and bombshells used in the two World Wars were made from this area’s metals; half came from Picher [, OK] alone.“

Stop by concessions to enjoy these items along with the movie.

Items subject to change and availability.

The Playhouse Theatre thrives because of the activity at our concession window.

A good deal with Large Popcorn @ $6; Small Popcorn @ $4; Any Candy Choice @ $3; Any Drink Choice @ $2.

Please assist the cooperative by not bringing your own food/drink items into the theatre.



Candy Gluten Free


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