We are a Cooperative

A different kind, not a “membership”,  an OWNERSHIP  with benefits! And they are:

• Sustaining the historic movie theatre in Randolph

• No annual fees or dues

• Influencing programming

• Voting or running for Board of Directors

• Seeing movies at actual cost  (patronage dividends are dispersed based on money spent annually)

• One time share purchase may be redeemed, as per our bylaws, if you no longer wish to be an owner.

The Playhouse opened with silent films at a time when dirt roads were snow rolled for sleighs in the winter. Since 1919 the Playhouse, originally the Strand, has been a landmark in downtown Randolph. We are the oldest purpose built movie theatre in Vermont and one of the oldest in the nation.  The Playhouse Cooperative was incorporated in the State of Vermont as a consumer cooperative, non-profit corporation effective August 8, 2012 because the movie industry was quickly phasing out distribution of movies on film.  Without the digital equipment, the theatre would have closed.

The business model makes sense. A community of owners put in the initial funds. These funds provided the capital to purchase the digital projector.  Additional owners are welcome so that the ownership of the Playhouse building will be achieved to ensure the theatre’s survival for perpetuity. Through Patronage dividends, owners are paying the actual cost for services. Furthermore; if owners ever decide to leave the cooperative, the shares they purchased may be redeemed as stated in our ByLaws.

Contribute to a more cooperative economy

Cooperatives use basic democratic principles to elect officers and to form decisions. Owners invest in the co-op by buying a share, and they receive benefits in proportion to the use they make of the co-op’s  services. Profits are returned to owners in the form of Patronage Dividends, or owners may decide to reinvest the dividends back into the co-op for capital purchases or other needs.

Join Us…

Please, use Contact Us to inquire about a cooperative subscription. Copy of the bylaws will be sent to you and where to send your payment.

The cost is $100 per share for individuals, $200 for a family subscription, and $50 for individuals in financial need. Payment plans are available.

By Joining us, you are making a difference for the future of this 1919 Movie House.

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